Top 5 Stocks In October 2022 | Best Stocks Buying Month of October

Top 5 Stocks In October 2022 | Best Stocks Buying Month of October 

In this article, we can discuss the best stock buying in the month of October. And also learn some basics of the market with some popular stocks in detail.

The stock market in India going very down. And many investors are getting very high losses. There was a very high downfall seen in the last 1 year. The NIFTY 50 down rate was 0.16 percent, the SENSEX down rate was 0.16 to 0.18 percent and similarly, the NIFTY BANK down rate was 0.32 to 0.26 percent.

In October, the chances of the stock market graph were going a bit upward and providing better returns on their investments. If anyone wants to buy a stock and wants a list of stock that performs better in October month then in this you will get the idea of which stocks should you have to buy.

First of all the investment should be diversified so if one is getting lost then the other will help you to cover the loss. I will suggest everyone you have to invest in three categories like Food, Medical, and Manufacturing. These three are the backbone of the stock market from my point of view.

There were many examples there in the food market Dabur India, ITC, Nestle India, Marico, and Britannia Industries.

There were many examples there in the medical market and it was a very pure market like just invest your money and enjoy your returns. In the medical market, you have many companies that are doing really best the market: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Cipla, Abbott India, Lupin, and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

There were many examples in the manufacturing company, and they are doing really a great job. First of all my favorite Tata, Adani, Mahindra & Mahindra Eicher Motors, and Reliance Industries.

Nestle India Limited

Parent Organisation Nestle India Limited
CEO Suresh Narayanan
Founded 1959



Year Revenue Profit Net Worth
2017 10,192 1,225 3,421
2018 11,292 1,607 3,661
2019 12,369 1,968 1,919
2020 13,350 2,082 2,019
2021 14,709 2,145 2,084



Date Amount Percentage
29 April 2021 65 650%
29 April 2021 25 250%
26 October 2021 110 1100%
21 April 2022 25 250%
21 April 2022 65 650%


Some Products 

  • Maggi
  • Nescafe
  • NesPlus
  • Milkybar
  • Kitkat
  • Munch
  • Polo
  • NesTea
  • Everyday

Abbott India Limited

Parent Organisation Abbott India Limited
CEO Vivek Kamath
Founded 1944



Year Revenue Profit Net Worth
2017 3307 401 1693
2018 3679 450 2009
2019 4093 593 2432
2020 4310 691 2602
2021 4919 799 2820



Date Amount Percentage
19 July 2021 120 1200%
19 July 2021 155 1550%
19 July 2021 00 00%
02 August 2022 130 1300%
02 August 2022 145 1450%


Tata Motors Limited

Parent Organisation Tata Motors Limited
CEO Guenter Butschek
Founded 1945



Year Revenue Profit Net Worth
2018 295409 8989 95428
2019 301938 -28826 60180
2020 261068 -12071 63079
2021 249795 -13451 55247
2022 278454 -11441 44561


Some Products


There were many cars manufactured by Tata Motors Limited. And in India tata was doing very great work. The build quality of tata cars was superb and many car users only go with tata cars because of safety reasons.

These are the best stocks to buy in the month of October also read the full article to get some other stock ideas that are going to get the best results.

Adani Green Energy Limited

Parent Organisation Adani Green Energy Limited
CEO Vneet Jaain
Founded 2015



Year Revenue Profit Net Worth
2018 1480 -138 1341
2019 2058 -474 1933
2020 2549 -23 2357
2021 3124 210 2200
2022 5133 489 2614


We all know who is Adani and what he can do it. This green energy concept was introduced by great businessman Gautam Adani. In 2022 Gautam Adani was a more searchable person in India. The Networth of Gautam Adani was 14,150 Crores USD.

If you want a good return then you have to invest and wait for a long time so it would give you a good return. In the share market, there were many techniques to make money and get a good return on your investment. But you have to learn the market. Because you can’t get any profit without a single knowledge of the about market.

There were 3 main key points about the share market to make money and get the best return on your invested amount in the market. 1: Learn the share market then invest your hard-earned money. 2: Make practice with the lower amount to get practical ideas about the market. 3: When you have done both steps then start investing your money.

How To Learn Share Market 

It was very easy to learn share market, but you have to give your 100 percent. To learn share market there were many ways like you can buy books, buy any courses which are easily available on the internet, from youtube by share market experts, from blogs and articles easily available on the internet.

Best Application For Investment

There was many applications where you can start your journey of investing. I am using the Groww application for investment. Because the Groww app provides me a clear interference and is very easy to operate. The Groww app was very good for beginners or newcomers.

And also you can check out Upstox, Angel Broking, Oswal, 5Paisa, and INDMoney. But INDMoney was good for foreign stocks. In the INDMoney you can easily buy International stocks.

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